Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hartford CKC convention

Well the weekend wasn't a total bust. I got to meet up with some online friends, Doreen and Lynn-Marie. Thanks Kelli for taking the picture. This picture doesn't do the thickners any justice. If you need a thicker just stop by I have every color, every style, and every shape it comes in. Stop on by.
The store will be closed over the weekend since I will be vending at a weekend crop. Starting to think I should become the first on the road scrapbooking store. Here's a novel idea, buy a travel trailer and gut it, set it up as a store and go from place to place to sell. Just kidding, I think.;)


Monday- 2-5
Tues- Sunday- closed- We'll be preparing to vend at a weekend crop. If you need to stop by on Wednesday or Thursday- please call. The weekend crop is at Sierra Suites Hotel, Branchburg- come visit us there! If you'd like to come to the crop, please drop me a note at and I'll get you in touch with Carol.

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