Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are you Watching?

Are you watching the Inauguration of Barak Obama? What do you think? I'm thinking I'm glad I'm watching from the warmth of my job.

I want to see if you have an patriotic layouts. Everyone who submits I'll put your name in a hat and pick a winner and send something to you. An extra entry if you are able to incorporate the Inaugurartion into it. Be sure to tell your friends!

When you have your layout go to http://www.piecesoftime.yuku.com/ and go under the scrapbooking section and you'll see a spot to upload your layouts.

Have fun!


KSmith said...

I watched from the comfort of my classroom.

wildwoodtimes said...

hi and yes I did watch
do u know about the store in flemington will it be open again

Brigette said...

No- not yet... still working on that... were you the one that emailed me? I emailed you back.. .did you get it?

wildwoodtimes said...

no I did not email you just left a comment here I'm glad to ere that the store will reopen could u please let me know when it does thanks

Brigette said...

Yes, I'll post it on the blog... or you could email me your email address and I'll add you to our newsletter.