Friday, January 30, 2009


My daughter is making her First Communion in April. We just booked the place for her party now I need to make invites, centerpieces and favors. I am not having any luck with ideas... so I came to you all... what ideas do you very creative people have?


Katti said...

hmm ... what are her favorite colors?

Brigette said...

Her favorite colors change on a daily basis... LOL She always goes back to fushia/magenta... but she told me she was her cake to be purple... so I don't know... I'm thinking of taking her with me to pick colors of the tableclothes for the party and then use that as a theme.. kwim? But other than that, I'm stuck... just not feeling creative..

V Colbourne said...

Heyyyyy!! I was wondering if you ever had a chance to get my goodies in the mail?? I've had my Dad checking every day to see if it's arrived and I'm becoming a little concerned that it may have gotten lost :(